Old boys reunion

THE Imola paddock was full of former F1 drivers, notably Riccardo Patrese, Andrea de Cesaris, Pierluigi Martini, Luis Sala, Rene Arnoux and Paul Belmondo.

The most welcome sight, however, was Fabrizio Barbazza who is recovering from a very serious accident in an IMSA race at Road Atlanta in May of last year.

Barbazza suffered serious head and chest injuries after his Ferrari sportscar was hit at high speed by Canadian Jeremy Dale. Fabrizio spent several days in a coma on artificial respiration. He says that he is not thinking about returning to racing at the moment as he is still not 100% fit, although he is keeping busy working on a couple of racing related projects: a go-kart racing circuit at Monza, and the design of a new crash barrier which is being considered by the FIA.

He is also believed to be in legal action with IMSA over the lack of medical facilities after his accident.

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