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APRIL 22, 1996

San Francisco jumps on the bandwagon

RUMORS in Europe suggest that a group of Americans are trying to float the idea of a Formula 1 Grand Prix in SanÊFrancisco. The plan comes hot on the heels of United States Grand Prix projects in Las Vegas, Disneyworld, Miami, Virginia, Brooklyn and Baltimore.

We understand that Bernie Ecclestone met a representative of the San Francisco group at the recent Argentine GP to discuss the possibilities for an event on Treasure Island, in the middle of San Francisco Bay.

On the face of it, Treasure island would be a good venue as the race would be run with the magnificent San Francisco skyline as a backdrop. The island is currently in a state of limbo following the closure of the naval station there during the recent US Government defense budget cuts. There would also be no noise problems for the race as residents of the Bay Area are used to constant aerial activity from Oakland International Airport, San Francisco International Airport and the Alameda Naval Air Station.

There are, however, serious problems with the Treasure Island site. There is no public transportation to the island and access to Treasure Island from the double-decker Bay Bridge is restricted to a single lane in each direction. There are also major problems with fog, San Francisco Bay being famous for its dense fogs at all times of the year.