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APRIL 22, 1996

Schumacher attacks Hill (again)

LAST week in Vienna, Michael Schumacher launched another childish attack on Damon Hill. The 27-year-old German seems incapable of accepting that Hill is a top F1 driver, despite the fact that Damon is fast-closing on Schumacher's total of 19 career wins.

There are a variety of interpretations as to why Schumacher constantly feels the need to belittle Hill. These range from a deep-rooted insecurity about Hill, to them being deliberate attempts to destabilize the Briton.

"I don't consider Hill to be a top class driver," said Schumacher. "Drivers like Coulthard, Hakkinen or Frentzen are better. When I say better I'm talking about speed and driving ability. I'm not talking about tactics."

"I'm sorry to see Hill is the main contender for the championships this season. He is doing a good job but he's not terrific."

Schumacher also tried to stir up trouble between Hill and Jacques Villeneuve by saying that: "Hill has so far kept Villeneuve under control but who knows for how much longer?"

Hill does not bother to rise to the German's bait these days, choosing to ignore Schumacher's taunts and revenge himself by beating the Ferrari star.