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APRIL 22, 1996

Bernie is VERY rich

THE SUNDAY TIMES in London last week published a list of the 500 richest people in Great Britain and a few well-known names in motor racing figured strongly on the list, which was compiled using company records available to value assets.

Bernie Ecclestone was 55th on the list with a fortune estimated at $375m. Bernie is in good company with banker Lord Rothschild and hotel owner Lord Forte both being credited with similar fortunes. Ecclestone remains the man to have been awarded Britain's largest ever salary - $44.5m in 1993 but he nearly matched that figure in 1994 with a salary of $44.1m. If growth continues along these lines Bernie will be in the top 30 within a couple of years. The Queen of England, incidentally, has a fortune estimated at $675m but is only 26th on the list.

Other racing people appearing include Ron Dennis with an estimated $90m (254th) thanks to his 40% share of TAG/McLaren Holdings which made a sizable profit last year. It will be interesting to see if he slips down the list next year. Frank├ŐWilliams is credited with a fortune worth $75m (307th), Tom Walkinshaw with $60m (367th) and Nigel Mansell 467th on the list with $48m. Walkinshaw is expected to leap up the list next year as there are rumors that he is in the process of buying back 50% of the TWR Group from the Benetton company.

The figures should not be taken too seriously. Bernie is probably a lot richer...