F1 race management to be restructured

THE FIA is in the process of deciding important changes to the way in which Grands Prix are managed by its officials, and our sources tell us that the existing structure will be modified and there will be new officials to fill the roles.

The current team consists of Dutchman Jan Corsmit, who has fulfilled the role of Race Director in recent years, Belgian Roland Bruynseraede (Safety Delegate and Starter) and Roberto Causo (Stewards' Advisor and FIA Observer). They have worked in cooperation with the three FIA stewards and the Clerk of the Course at each race.

At last week's FIA World Council meeting in London it was decided that Corsmit, Bruynseraede and Causo should all take up new roles next year. Corsmit has been given the title of "FIA Special Safety Delegate at Large", Bruynseraede is to be Race Director and Safety Delegate of the International Touring Car Championship, while Causo will be the permanent Chairman of the Stewards and the FIA observer for the series.

The implication in this announcement is that the FIA will soon announce a similar structure of officials in F1, with one man being appointed "Permanent Chairman of the Stewards" and FIA Observer in F1, and another becoming Race Director and Safety Delegate.

The role of Chairman of the Stewards is one which is best-suited for a legal mind, and the man tipped as a likely candidate for the job is Irishman Bryan Brophy, who has acted as a steward at a variety of races in recent years.

The role of Race Director requires a cool head and an in-depth knowledge of the regulations. A good candidate for the role of Race Director would be Englishman Ian Brown, who works in the Safety Department at the FIA in Paris and has been involved in F3000 in recent years - although it is possible that the FIA will choose to appoint a former F1 team man to the role as the poacher-turned-gamekeeper approach has worked very well on the technical side. The governing body did try this some years ago with former Lotus boss Peter Warr, but the appointment was short-lived.

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