Irvine gets a Ferrari run

EDDIE IRVINE finally had his first runs for Ferrari last week, at the wheel of a V12-engined 412/T2 chassis. The Ulsterman completed 73 laps at the team's Fiorano test track and declared himself to be delighted with the car.

It will not have escaped Eddie's attention, however, that his 1996 team mate Michael Schumacher was recently given five straight days of testing at Estoril, running back-to-back tests with the V12 and the new V10 engines. Irvine is not expected to test a V10 until the New Year.

Eddie claims not to be worried about being Schumacher's team mate. He is being paid handsomely by Ferrari, but despite that he may find it frustrating being so firmly in the shadow of the German.

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