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NOVEMBER 20, 1995

Melbourne wants an Olympic GP in 2000

THE organizers of the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne are trying to convince the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to have the Australian Grand Prix in the 2000 included in the Olympic Games, which are to be held in Sydney.

F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone tried to get the Spanish GP of 1992 declared to be an Olympic event, as it was held in Barcelona, but the IOC would not allow it as the current Olympic rules do not allow for the inclusion of events determined by machines. The president of the IOC Juan Samaranch did however visit that race as a VIP guest.

At the launch of the Melbourne race last week, the chairman of the Grand Prix Corporation chairman Ron Walker argued that the race should be allowed to be part of the Games.

"I firmly believe the time has come for F1 to be admitted to the Olympic family," he said. "The drivers today are athletes equal to any Olympians in terms of discipline, training and perfection in their sport."