Schumacher aims for 10 win record

NEWLY-CROWNED Formula 1 World Champion Michael Schumacher goes to Adelaide this weekend aiming to score his 10th win of the season - which would be an all-time record in Grand Prix racing history.

A look back through the history books reveals that there are in fact a number of drivers who have enjoyed better win-rates. If Schumacher wins in Adelaide next weekend he will have scored 10 wins in 17 races, a win-rate of 58.8%. This compares favorably with Nigel Mansell's nine wins in 16 races in 1992 (56.25%) but does not come close to some earlier win-rates.

Before the World Championship was established in 1950, for example, Frenchman Robert Benoist was crowned World Champion of 1927, having won every major motor race of the season for the Delage team.

In 1952 Alberto Ascari recorded a 85.7% win-rate with six wins in seven races and two years later Juan-Manuel Fangio achieved 75%. Better percentages have also been recorded by Jim Clark in 1963 (70%), Fangio in 1955 (66%), Ascari in 1953 (62.5%) and Clark in 1965 (60%).

Statistics cane be made to prove many things, but one thing is certain: whether he wins in Adelaide or not, Schumacher has been the dominant force in F1 this year.

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