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OCTOBER 23, 1995

Changes at Peugeot Sport

PEUGEOT SPORT, suppliers of engines to the Jordan Formula 1 team, is making major structural changes for the future in an effort to become more competitive. Peugeot's results this year with Jordan have not been particularly impressive with regular mechanical failure depriving the team of several good results.

Amid rumors in France that Peugeot boss Jacques Calvet is losing patience with the program, Peugeot Sport chief Jean-PierreÊBoudy has recently appointed Belgian Jacky Ecckeleart to a newly-created position as head of technical liaison between Jordan and Peugeot.

Ecckeleart joined Peugeot Sport two years ago from the Danielsson automotive consultancy company and has led the Peugeot touring car team in the French championship, winning the title last year with Laurent Aiello.

At the same time, however, Peugeot has recently lost an important engineer from its research and development departments. Jean-Claude Fayard, who was head of thermodynamic and combustion, has quit the operation to return to his former employer Elf. Between 1988 and 1993 Fayard was in charge of Elf's F1 fuels, and his knowledge of the Renault V10 engine was used to good effect by Peugeot when it was building its own V10 engine in 1993.