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OCTOBER 16, 1995

Other FIA business

THE FIA World Council will also be voting on a variety of issues relating to the future sporting and technical regulations for the Formula 1 World Championship.

The Council is made up of 25 men from the different member clubs of the FIA. They meet at least three times a year to decide on the issues of the day. When it comes to Formula 1, however, the World Council has only limited powers. They can accept or reject the proposals of the F1 Commission, but they cannot change its recommendations. The F1 Commission which is also expected to meet this week - before the team principals involved head off to Japan - will consider the proposals made recently by the F1 teams when they met at the Nurburgring. These are likely to include the switch to one-day qualifying in 1996 and the adoption of a minimum number of weeks between the last race of one season and the first race of the next.

There will also be discussions about the technical regulations for the 1997 World Championship.