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SEPTEMBER 18, 1995

Benetton defends Schumacher

BENETTON has reacted to suggestions that Michael Schumacher gave Damon Hill a brake-test at Monza, causing the crash between the two, by issuing details of Schumacher's telemetry data. The revelations came after F1 boss BernieÊEcclestone suggested that Schumacher might have used such gamesmanship in order to gain an advantage.

The data published by Benetton suggests that Schumacher was traveling faster at the point of impact than he had been on the two previous laps; that when the collision occurred Schumacher had braked eight meters later than previously and that his braking force was the same as the two previous laps. The team also suggested that Hill's Williams had been traveling at least 15 kph faster than Schumacher's Benetton.

Benetton added that it would give further media access to this data at the team base at Enstone if so desired.

The fact that Benetton felt the need to deny the rumors serves to underline the fact that everyone in F1 is convinced that Schumacher is quite capable and willing to take such actions as necessary.

On this occasion, however, the data would seem to suggest that Hill was distracted by Taki Inoue, who was being lapped, and simply made a mistake, running into the back of Schumacher as a result.