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SEPTEMBER 11, 1995

The Commission meets

THE Formula 1 Commission met at Monza to discuss a variety of topics which could have profound effects on the shape of F1 in the future.

But the commission failed to come up with any major proposals for the FIA World Council which meets in Paris in eight days. Among the subjects under discussion was a proposal to allow the top teams to run three cars on occasion.

This radical suggestion has split the teams and the three FOCA delegates (Bernie Ecclestone, Ron Dennis and Frank Williams) were not given a mandate to vote on the subject when the FOCA teams met in London on Wednesday last week.

Among the other subjects under discussion was an idea to appoint permanent stewards for F1 to ensure continuity in decision-making.

There was also discussion about how the pace of development is again outstripping the safety of the tracks and how this will be affected if there is a tire war. One idea which could be used is to ask tire companies to bid for an F1 contract. This would enable the FIA to control the compounds and thus keep speeds under control.

We understand that the thorny problem of refueling was also discussed as was the idea of reducing qualifying to Saturday only.