FOCA gears up to take on new TV role

THE Belgian Grand Prix marked another milestone in the history of Formula 1 television coverage with Bernie Ecclestone's FOCA Television company providing not only in-car and helicopter footage but also an entire crew of cameramen around the circuit, providing Belgian host broadcaster RTBF with all the necessary footage to create the international TV feed to be beamed around the world.

Bernie had 120 FOCA TV staff on hand and the first of two mobile production facilities which he is currently building. We believe that two more of these 40-ft long units are on order and will be shipped out to the Far East where they will be based for the races in the Pacific Basin in the years ahead.

It is Ecclestone's aim to have his own complete TV crew within a couple of years, including a director, which will mean that TV coverage of races can be improved and standardized, thus creating a better product to sell to broadcasters around the world.

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