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JULY 3, 1995

Monza - maybe, maybe not

THE FIA will decide today whether the Italian Grand Prix at Monza can go ahead on September 10 or whether the event will be canceled.

The FIA World Council was due to decide on the issue last Wednesday in Paris but deferred a final decision after the Italian government promised to ensure that the necessary safety work at Monza will be done before the event. The FIA demanded written assurances by today if the Italians want their event to take place.

The Grand Prix was in doubt because plans to alter the track had been held up in a dispute between national and local officials in Italy over the cutting down of nearly 200 trees in the Monza parkland. The threat of losing the race resulted in around 100 Italian members of parliament writing to prime minister Lamberto Dini to demand that the event be saved.

It seems, therefore, that the Italian Grand Prix will now take place and that the safety work will be completed in the next nine weeks.