Ford looking hard at F1 again

FORD, which last year powered Michael Schumacher to the Formula 1 Drivers' World Championship, is believed to be taking a good hard look to decide whether it wants to continue to be involved in Grand Prix racing.

The company has long followed its own path in F1, refusing to establish an independent sporting arm - such as rivals RenaultĘSport or Peugeot Sport - and relying on mainstream decision-making rather than delegating the responsibility.

There is little doubt that if Ford had its own F1 department last year, the company would now be supplying Jordan with engines. The need to discuss the program at higher levels of management led to delays and Jordan rushed off to do a deal with Peugeot, leaving Ford with Sauber as the only realistic choice.

In addition, questions are being asked about why Ford continues to supply customer teams while rival manufacturers concentrate all their efforts on their factory teams.

The man who is nominally in charge of Ford's European motorsport activities is Australian Peter Gillitzer, who has his hands full running F1, touring cars and rallying.

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