The fighting over engines begins

The Formula 1 teams have started their annual battle to secure the best possible packages for next season. Rumors in Europe suggest that Frank Williams has been having talks with Honda but Williams denies such activities, saying that he has a contract with Renault which runs until the end of 1997.

According to Renault's managing director Louis Schweitzer, the company has already decided that it will supply only two teams again in 1996; and there is likely to be strong pressure on Renault from the new French president to supply Alain Prost with engines if he wants them.

There have also been rumors that Prost has fallen out with Renault over the company's current refusal to supply him with engines, and that he is talking to Peugeot instead. Although the Jordan-Peugeot combination scored its first points in Spain, the team's performances to date have not been very impressive.

In addition, the future of Ford's F1 engine supply program is unclear as Sauber has yet to deliver the goods and there is no other logical choice available for the company at the moment.

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