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APRIL 3, 1995

Michael's amazing weight loss

Michael Schumacher climbed out of his Benetton in Brazil and was met by an FIA official with a weighing machine. The German was not allowed onto the podium until he had been weighed.

This may seem a bizarre thing to do, but the FIA's motive might be explained when you hear the result of the impromptu weigh-in. Schumacher had lost 12 lbs in just four days.

Michael's official weight on the Thursday before the race was 169 lbs, but after the race he was found to weigh just 157 lbs. The FIA felt the need to check Michael's weight because, thanks to recent rule-changes, it is now advantageous for a driver to have a recorded weight heavier than normal.

Schumacher meanwhile continues to try to convince the world that he really lost the weight, but no-one believes him. This silly affair has, in fact, done the German some very serious damage. Last year a lot of people in the F1 paddock were willing to believe him, despite evidence to the contrary.

Now there are people who believe that Michael does not always tell the truth...