Pirelli to consider F1 again

Italian tire company Pirelli has returned to profit for the first time since 1990 - and that means the bosses in Milan will probably soon be taking a look at returning to Formula 1 racing.

Pirelli has a long and illustrious history in Grand Prix racing, with much success in the 1920s, 1930s and 1950s. After a 21-year break, the company returned to major competition in Formula 2 in 1978 and entered F1 with Toleman in 1981. There were occasional victories until the end of 1986 when Pirelli pulled out. Two years later the company was back, and in mid-1991 won the Canadian GP with Nelson Piquet's Benetton.

Pirelli quit F1 at the end of 1991, saying that the worldwide recession was to blame. The return to profitability may lead the Italians back into the sport again. The Italian tire company last week announced an $85 million net profit for 1994, following major restructuring under managing-director Marco Trochetti Provera.

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