Russian GP 2017

APRIL 28, 2017

Friday Team Quotes

Mercedes GP

Valtteri Bottas (3rd, 1:34.790): "It's been an interesting day. It's a very different situation here with the asphalt and the temperatures compared to what we experienced in Bahrain. We were learning about the tyres on long runs and short runs and it seems like over one lap we still have work to do to get the maximum out of the UltraSoft tyre - that's our focus tonight. But we can't forget how important the race is. We have started the weekend in the right way. The car feels good and the balance is there. A good start but we definitely need to work hard to find some lap time for qualifying."

Lewis Hamilton (4th, 1:34.829): "Bit of a difficult day for us. We managed to complete everything that we needed to do on our runs, but in terms of the balance of the car, the Ferrari seemed very, very fast on the long runs, so we need to work out how we can improve our pace. But there's still everything to play for. The tyres feel very peaky, so it's easy to drop out of the window of performance. But when they're working they seem to be good."

James Allison, Technical Director: "We enjoyed plenty of useful running with both drivers having untroubled sessions - completing our planned programme. But it's pretty clear from both the long run pace and the set-up runs that we have got a bit of work to do to be on equal terms with Ferrari. As normal we will set about cutting that gap overnight and hopefully we will have a car that is able to get the job done on Saturday and Sunday. There are clear avenues that we need to work on to make sure we are properly competitive tomorrow. If we get that right it'll be close just as it has been all year."

Red Bull-Tag Heuer

Max Verstappen (5th, 1:35.540): "We ended up stopping sooner than planned due to a problem with the fuel pressure. It was a bit of a shame as it prevented us doing a long run but luckily Daniel did one so we at least have some data to look into for Sunday. This track is not one of our favourites, we knew coming here it was going to be a tough weekend so we will just try to make the best of it. The gap to Mercedes and Ferrari looks bigger here because of the long straight; and we are down on power and downforce which makes not only the straights but also the corners tricky. I think qualifying will be interesting due to the challenge of warming the tyres up, and it's the same for everyone so putting in one perfect lap won't be easy. Realistically fifth and sixth is our aim for Sunday."

Daniel Ricciardo (6th, 1:35.910): "We had some good signs throughout the day while we experienced some drops among the peaks. I was pretty happy with the car on the supersoft tyre but we didn't find as much time as the others on the ultrasoft so that's a tyre we need to work on a bit. The balance with the supersoft was good so I think if we can manage to get the same feeling with the ultrasoft tomorrow then we should be looking ok. This afternoon it was also easier to get the tyres up to temperature so I think if the weather stays the same tomorrow that should not be too much of an issue. People keep asking about the upgrades coming in Barcelona but first we need to maximise what we have with the current car and package here this weekend. We can definitely make improvements for tomorrow but as far as positions go in qualifying we are still behind Mercedes and Ferrari, so I don't think the picture will change too much between the top teams and I would say Ferrari look the best after today's running."


Sebastian Vettel (1st, 1:34.120):

Kimi Raikkonen (2nd, 1:34.383):

Maurizio Arrivabene, Team Principal:

Force India-Mercedes

Sergio Perez (10th, 1:36.600): "Finding the balance around this track is not easy, but I think we're in a good place and I felt happy in the car. We completed a lot of laps using all the tyre compounds and there's a lot of data to analyse, but I am confident we can be competitive tomorrow. It's going to be an exciting battle in the midfield and I believe we will be strong."

Esteban Ocon (11th, 1:36.654): "A pretty solid day overall. I feel we've got to a point where we understand how the car is working around this track and we know where we can make improvements. I felt very confident with the car all day, but especially in the second session, and I was able to get the tyres to work, which is not easy on a track like this. There's still a lot to discuss tonight, but I am satisfied with what we've achieved today and I hope the rest of the weekend continues like this."

Robert Fernley, Deputy Team Principal: "Both drivers were happy with the baseline set-up of the car from the start of the day, which meant we could concentrate largely on fine-tuning. This circuit is very different from Bahrain, so we've had to give a lot of attention to understanding how the three tyre compounds work around here. We feel we understand our car better and better as the season progresses, which is crucial as the margins in the midfield are very small. The target tomorrow is Q3 with both cars."


Felipe Massa (7th, 1:36.261): "It was a good day for us. The car felt good on track, in the morning and the afternoon, on short runs and long runs, on old tyres and new tyres. So I would say I am quite happy with the balance and the way the tyres are working, and the degradation is very low, much lower than other tracks and was quite good for our long run. I was happy with the day. I really hope we can have a strong weekend, but we will see."

Lance Stroll (19th, 1:37.747): "It is a bit strange here as it is not one timed lap and then the tyre goes away, it builds up a lot. So we need to figure out how to deliver the lap time when the tyre is at its best. There is still improvement to come, and that is generally from my side, as it is my first time here and I am just getting the car set up the way I want. And I didn't use the ultra softs as I am saving them for tomorrow. That will give me a much better feeling and I will try to get in some good runs. We have not decided our strategy for the race yet, but it is low grip here and the degradation doesn't look high, so we will have to see what approach is best."

Paddy Lowe, Chief Technical Officer: "It's been a sunny Friday at the Sochi Autodrom and a good day on both sides of the garage as we had no problems on either car and completed our planned programmes. Felipe ran a more conventional programme, using all three tyre compounds on both high and low fuel, as well as conducting some aerodynamic experiments. For Lance, the focus was on learning the circuit as this is a track he hasn't driven before, and he made good progress through the day. We chose to run two sets of super soft tyres with him in FP2, giving him a more consistent tyre with one less variable. We have lots of interesting data in terms of tyre performance and endurance. There is still a lot of work to do tonight. We look forward to competing strongly tomorrow."


Fernando Alonso (12th, 1:36.765): "This is something of a power circuit, so, with our car in basically the same configuration as we had in Bahrain, we're not expecting to make much of a step forward this weekend. I think it's going to be an interesting weekend in terms of what we can achieve on what will be a tough track for us. We've been testing the tyres throughout the sessions - they seem to last for a very long time and be very consistent, so it's likely that we could have a one-stop race, as predicted. Also, the tyres seem to take some time to fully warm up, so it doesn't look like the first lap we do in qualifying will necessarily be the fastest - we'll have to do multiple laps. That's the same for everyone, but we need to find a way to speed up the warm-up. Friday's homework is done, let's see what we can learn tomorrow."

Stoffel Vandoorne (16th, 1:37.125): "We had some engine problems again in FP1 - and that means we get a 15-place grid penalty this weekend. Still, it was really only a matter of time before we got a penalty since the start of the season has been tough for us. Unfortunately, today was a tough day but you have to try your best to move on from it. There's nothing much we can do about the situation we're in at the moment. Still, let's hope some improvements will come soon. FP2 wasn't a 100 per cent problem-free session, but at least we were able to get some more laps under our belts. Hopefully tomorrow we'll have a smoother day."

Eric Boullier, Racing Director: "It was obviously disappointing to see Stoffel receive a 15-place grid penalty for Sunday's race after fitting his fifth MGU-K and turbo-charger inbetween FP1 and FP2. That said, I must commend the mechanics for doing an absolutely fantastic job at effecting the change so efficiently - for Stoffel to be able to resume running just 10 minutes into FP2 was extremely impressive. "Apart from the change to the PU elements, we had a productive day: we were able to successfully trial some new components, and we feel they're delivering as we expected. "Obviously, Sunday is going to be tough - especially for Stoffel - but we're staying focused on the job in hand and will push for improved performance in the race."

Yusuke Hasegawa, Honda: "Today was a day of mixed fortunes. Fernando and Stoffel both finished the day without having the MGU-H issues we suffered in Bahrain - however, we detected an issue with Stoffel's PU at the end of FP1 which, while not a fundamental issue, we decided to change it order to get him back out on track as quickly as possible. The team did an absolutely incredible job, and Stoffel was back out on track in FP2 at almost exactly the same time as Fernando, so his running was barely compromised. I want to thank all the team members for their hard work. Unfortunately, this also means that Stoffel will start the race with grid penalties on Sunday. However, I am positive he will perform at his best in both qualifying and the race. Fernando ended the day without any troubles and we tested various settings with all types of tyres and some aero parts. We were able to continue our preparations for tomorrow's qualifying with him and will continue our hard work and hope that both drivers have a good race on Sunday."

Scuderia Toro Rosso-Renault

Carlos Sainz (15th, 1:37.083): "I think we've learned a lot out there today, but it's been a challenging Friday - the track is very slippery and it's tricky to get the tyres up to temperature. This makes our life fairly difficult during the out laps and the push laps; even if the sun is out and it's quite a warm day, it's proving to be tough. We now need to keep working and get ready for tomorrow, as we're not exactly where we'd like to be."

Daniil Kvyat (17th, 1:37.300): "A difficult start to the weekend... there was just no grip out there today! Unfortunately, the car is lacking a lot of speed, so we need to analyse and understand why this is happening and hopefully improve it for tomorrow."

Jody Egginton, Head of Vehicle Performance: "Today has provided plenty of challenges and clearly we are not where we want to be, especially with regards to short run performance. In terms of set-up work conducted today, we adapted the run programmes to investigate solutions to the balance issues we faced and in terms of finding a long run balance, we made some progress. However, short run performance is not yet where we expect it to be. Our long runs on the supersoft and ultrasoft tyre yielded some useful data which should provide options for the race strategy. We will be working very hard tonight to address the balance issues we have in order to extract the performance from the package tomorrow and maximise our opportunities in the race."


Kevin Magnussen (9th, 1:36.506): "I'm quite happy. We got through the day without any problems on the car. We got the whole program done, so that's very satisfying. The early feeling is good with the car. We need to look at a few issues on the balance, normal stuff like that, but the baseline is quite good. The balance of the track is evolving in each session, but the balance in the car is similar, so that's a good sign. We'll keep working and try and iron out the small balance issues that we have. As I said, the baseline is good in the car, so it's just details we need to work on."

Romain Grosjean (14th, 1:37.039): "We've got very little grip. We're really struggling with the balance. We had some issues, as well, with the brakes over the long runs. We need to look at what we can do better with them. Generally, it's just been a very difficult Friday. The car didn't perform well - very low grip on low fuel and high fuel. Hopefully, we can find some performance and get closer to where Kevin is and get back in the top-10 tomorrow."

Guenther Steiner, Team Principal: "It was a busy day today. We're obviously coming to a track which isn't used a lot. It still has low grip levels, but in the morning every lap went quicker as everybody's cleaning the track up and going faster and faster. We had a lot to do and I think we did a lot. We still haven't got all the results yet, as we need to go through data. I would say the issues with the brakes were mainly because they're new to us. We need to find out how they work. Going through the data, we will decide tomorrow what we're doing and how we continue. All in all, we had pretty fruitful sessions. We did a lot of laps and we learned a lot. Now we need to get the best out of what we learned for tomorrow to go into qualifying."


Nico Hulkenberg (8th, 1:36.329): "It was a pretty straightforward FP2 for me after a short FP1 with the headset on whilst Sergey was in the car. We were up to speed pretty quickly and I don't think there's anything to fear from the weekend ahead. We completed a decent amount of laps so there is enough info to digest in the quest to making us faster tomorrow and on race day."

Jolyon Palmer (13th, 1:36.771): "The car felt pretty good straight out of the box and I was able to push it without any particular issues. The front end felt good and there was good traction too, so I think we've made some nice progress with understanding the car and also with the new parts we've added. FP2 ended a little early for me, but I'm feeling positive for the rest of the weekend."

Sergey Sirotkin: "It was a short run for me in FP1, but that's motor sport and it's better to have an issue with the car in practice than in qualifying or the race. There's not much I can say about today other than I was happy with the car at the Bahrain test and I was fully prepared to deliver everything required today. I'm next out in Spain so that's where my focus now lies."

Nick Chester, Technical Director: "We got some good mileage on our new aero package today despite a tricky morning for Sergey which saw his session cut short after a hydraulic problem which then damaged the gearbox. It's disappointing as we know he would have done a good job. Jo had a useful morning looking at the aero package and doing some set up work. This afternoon, we focused on completing our qualifying and long runs with both Jo and Nico. So far our short run pace looks reasonably good; we just need to analyse the race pace."


Pascal Wehrlein (18th, 1:37.441): "It is good to be back in the car again. Although we had difficulties with the balance of the car, especially with regard to the rear and the tyres - the temperatures here in Sochi are not comparable to the test days in Bahrain. Now we need to analyse the collected data in order to make improvements for tomorrow. So far we are not yet where we want to be."

Marcus Ericsson (20th, 1:37.819): "It was not the best Friday for us. We found some improvements during the test days in Bahrain, but we could not get them to work here as we wanted. The track conditions are quite different with lower temperatures than Bahrain. All in all FP1 was not satisfying, then in FP2 things were getting better. We have plenty of work to do for the rest of the weekend. We need to understand in which areas we can improve, so that we can find more lap time."