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Hungarian GP 2016

JULY 24, 2016

Race Notes - Hamilton takes fifth win

Podium, Hungarian GP 2016
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Lewis Hamilton, after taking the lead into the first corner of the race, took a commanding win in his Mercedes GP, ahead of his team mate Nico Rosberg in second place - 1.977 seconds. Daniel Ricciardo in the Red Bull-Tag Heurer finished in third, 27.539s behind the winner.

The win is Hamilton's fifth Hungarian GP win, and his fifth win of the season. The two Mercedes drivers now both have five wins this season and Hamilton now leads the drivers world championship over Rosberg by six points, leading into the summer break.

The win is Hamilton's 48 career victory.

Sebastian Vettel (28.2s) in the Ferrari finished right behind Ricciardo in fourth, followed by Max Verstappen (48.6s) in the second Red Bull in fifth, Kimi Raikkonen (49.0s) in the second Ferrari in sixth, Fernando Alonso (1 lap) in the McLaren-Honda in seventh, Carlos Sainz in the Toro Rosso-Ferrari in eighth, Valtteri Bottas in the Williams-Mercedes in ninth, and Nico Hulkenberg in the Force India-Mercedes taking the final points position in tenth.

Before the start, the heat on the new pavement will make conditions difficult for the race - after the wet-dry qualifying session yesterday.

Pirelli predicting a two-stop race this afternoon.

Marcus Ericsson will start from the pit lane after the team changed his chassis after his qualifying accident yesterday.

Polesitter Rosberg has never finished on the podium at Hungary, while his team mate Hamilton starts in second on the front row. Ricciardo and Verstappen make up the second row for Red Bull, Vettel and Sainz on row three, Alonso and Button on row four for McLaren, and Hulkenberg and Bottas round out the top ten on the grid. The top 11 drivers start on supersoft tyres, while the rest are a mix of soft and supersoft compound tyres.

At 2pm the drivers made their way around on the formation lap, and the lights went out and the race started with Hamilton taking the inside for the lead with Ricciardo coming around the outside to take second. At turn 2 Rosberg comes back and retakes second place.

At the end of lap 1 Hamilton leads Rosberg, Ricciardo, Verstappen, Vettel, Alonso, Sainz, Button, Bottas and Hulkenberg in tenth place.

By lap 3 Hamilton has pulled out a 1.4 second lead over Rosberg.

On lap 4 Hamilton sets fast lap at 1m26.700 seconds. Button reports to the team that he is having issues - the team reports hydraulic issues but to stay out. Button tells the team "the race from hell this will be."

Verstappen reports that he is driving like a "grandma", having to follow Ricciardo in third place.

On lap 9 Button pits and switches to a new set of soft tyres. The stewards have Button under investigation for unauthorised radio communication.

At lap 10 Hamilton leads Rosberg by 2.1s, followed by Ricciardo (5.4s), Verstappen (7.1s), Vettel (8.7s), Alonso (17.6s), Sainz (19.2s), Bottas (22.0s)m Hulkenberg (25.1s) and Grosjean (26.7s) in tenth place.

On lap 11 Hamilton sets another fast lap at 1m25.618s - the two Mercedes pulling away from the Red Bulls. Button serves a drive-through penalty for radio communication - Button points out to the team that he feels that the brake pedal go to the floor should be considered a safety issue.

Raikkonen passes Gutierrz for eighth. Vettel pits from fifth and takes another set supersoft tyres.

The two Red Bull's pit and then Hamilton pits from the lead. Rosberg pits the next lap and rejoins in second again.

Raikkonen passes Verstappen as the Red Bull rejoins the track and the two battle.

On lap 18 Ricciardo sets fast lap at 1m25.433s. Verstappen continues to look for a way past Raikkonen, who has not pitted yet for fifth place.

On lap 19 Hamilton complains to the team that he is struggling for pace on his new set of tyres - and also that his drinks system isn't working properly.

At lap 21 Hamilton continues to lead Rosberg by 1.0s followed by Ricciardo (6.4s), Vettel (8.9s), Raikkonen (13.0s), Verstappen (14.1s), Perez (20.9s), Palmer (26.1s), Magnussen (30.2s) and Alonso (31.8s) in tenth.

The Red Bull's are running quicker than the Mercedes on the soft tyres, and are Ricciardo is slowly catching them. A long line of cars follow Massa in 14th place.

On lap 24 Magnussen pits. Kvyat pits as well.

On lap 26 Massa pits for soft tyres. Mercedes tells Hamilton that he needs to pick up the pace, and Hamilton tells them "I'm working on it".

Raikkonen in fifth place, still yet to pit, remains ahead of Verstappen. Perez finally pits for medium tyres. Kvyat gets a five-second time penalty for speeding in the pits.

On lap 30 Raikkonen finally pits and switches to supersoft compound tyres, rejoining behind Alonso into seventh.

The next lap Raikkonen passes Alonso at the first corner.

On lap 31 Raikkonen on new tyres sets fast lap at 1m24.254s.

Hamilton is told to speed up, because Ricciardo in closing on Rosberg in second place. Hamilton says he is going as fast as he can on this set of tyres. Mercedes says otherwise they will look to pit Rosberg first.

On lap 34 Ricciardo pits on a new set of soft tyres, and rejoins in fifth with open track ahead of him.

At lap 35, at half distance, Hamilton leads Rosberg by 2.4s, followed by Vettel (9.9s), Verstappen (18.5s), Ricciardo (24.9s), Raikkonen (32.5s), Alonso (42.6s), Sainz (46.7s), Bottas (51.2s), and Perez (57.7s) in tenth place.

Hamilton has picked up his pace and is running in 1m24s range.

Red Bull tell Verstappen that he has had a warning about running wide off the track at turn 11. Verstappen pits from fourth for new soft tyres and rejoins in sixth.

Hulkenberg, Palmer and Nasr all pit - Palmer getting ahead of the Force India in the pits.

On lap 42 Hamilton pits from the lead and takes on another set of soft tyres. Vettel pits from third and rejoins on soft tyres in fifth, right behind his team mate Raikkonen.

The next lap Raikkon pits for soft tyres as well and rejoins behind Hamilton once again - 4.5 seconds behind. Perez pits, but his pit crew in not ready.

Bottas pits for soft tyres and rejoins in ninth.

Perez chases Gutierrez for 13th place.

On lap 45 Alonso pits from seventh place.for more soft tyres.

Raikkonen in fourth place has gained 10 positions from the start.

Rosberg is slowly catching up to Hamilton and on lap 46 is only 1.6 seconds behind.

Vettel continues to complain that the backmarkers are not getting shown the blue flags.

Kvyat pits to serve his five-second penalty.

On lap 49 Palmer in 13th spins, but continues.

On lap 51 Raikkonen makes his second pit stop and takes another set of super soft tyres and rejoins in sixth.

At lap 50 Hamilton continues to lead Rosberg by 1.7 seconds, followed by Ricciardo (8.8s), Vettel (12.0s), Verstappen (21.5s), Raikkonen (24.5s), Alonso (63.4s), Sainz (67.2s), Bottas (71.2s) and Hulkenberg (81.8s) in tenth place.

On lap 52 Raikkonen sets fast lap at 1m23.086s.

On lap 54 Alonso is told by the team that he has had his third warning for track limits and will get a drive-through penalty if he does it again. Alonso is running in the points in seventh place.

Raikkonen closes to under a second behind Verstappen.

On lap 57 Gutierrez is handed a 5-second penalty for ignoring the blue flags. Raikkonen attempts a pass of Verstappen into two two - clips Verstappen's right rear tyre and breaks off bits of the Ferrari front wing, but continues. Raikkonen complains that Verstappen blocked him, "he moved right back to the left when I was going there."

Raikkonen continues to chase the Red Bull driver.

Vettel is closing on Ricciardo in third.

At lap 60 Hamilton leads Rosberg by 1.8s, followed by Ricciardo (15.9s), Vettel (18.1s), Verstappen (31.8s), Raikkonen (32.8s), Alonso (75.4s), Sainz (79.2s), Bottas (81.9s) and Hulkenberg (1 lap) in tenth place

On lap 61 Verstappen complains that Raikkonen is going outside the track limits.

Button pits on lap 62 and retires his McLaren. Hamilton runs in turn 12 and Rosberg closes to within a second of the leader. Hamilton opens the gap back up to 1.1 seconds the next lap.

Vettel chases Ricciardo in third place, under a second behind the Red Bull.

On lap 68 Raikkonen tries an outside pass of Verstappen at the first corner, but can't make it stick.

Ricciardo holds on for third ahead of Vettel, and Verstappen holds on for fifth ahead of Raikkonen.