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Hungarian GP 2010

AUGUST 1, 2010

Race Notes - Webber wins Hungarian GP

Mark Webber, Hungarian GP 2010
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Mark Webber won the Hungarian Grand Prix, in Budapest, in the Red Bull-Renault. Fernando Alonso in the Ferrari finished in second place, 17.8 seconds behind, followed closely by Sebastian Vettel's Red Bull in third place, 19.2 seconds behind the winner.

Webber takes the win after staying out on the Safety Car period before making his pitstop - while his team mate Vettel, after dominating the early race, was given a stop-go penalty.

Felipe Massa (27.4s) in the second Ferrari finishes fourth, followed by Vitaly Petrov (73.1s) in the Renault in fifth, Nico Hulkenberg (76.7s) in the Williams-Cosworth in sixth, Pedro de la Rosa (1 lap) in the BMW Sauber-Ferrari in seventh, Jenson Button (1 lap) in the McLaren-Mercedes in eighth, Kamui Kobayashi (1 lap) in the second Sauber in ninth and Rubens Barrichello (1 lap) in the second Williams in the final points paying position in tenth.

With 161 points Webber takes the lead in the drivers' championship over Lewis Hamilton with 157, Vettel with 151, Button with 147 and Alonso with 141 points. Red Bull-Renault also retakes the lead in the constructors' championship with 312 points, ahead of McLaren-Mercedes with 304 and Ferrari with 238 points.

On a warm afternoon in Hungary, before the start, the Red Bull's dominated the qualifying, Vettel more than 1.2 seconds ahead of third placed Alonso - the Red Bulls on the front row while the Ferraris taking the second row. Vettel starting his fourth consecutive race on pole position.

Hamilton reported a brake vibration on his way to the grid. The first ten runners starting on super-soft tyres.

At the start Vettel takes the lead, while Alonso gets a good start on the clean side of the grid and challenges Vettel, taking second away from Webber, Petrov passes Hamilton and Nico Rosberg into the first corner - Michael Schumacher going wide.

The order on lap 1, Vettel leading Alonso, Webber, Massa, Petrov, Hamilton, Rosberg, Robert Kubica, Barrichello and Hulkenberg in tenth place.

On lap 2 Hamilton passes Petrov around the outside of turn 2 to take fifth place. Jaime Alguersuari stops out on track with smoke coming from his car.

Vettel taking off from the pack setting fast laps, with a 3.9 second lead on lap 4.

At lap 5 Vettel leads Alonso by 5.0 seconds, followed by Webber (5.8s), Massa (7.3s), Hamilton (8.7s), Petrov (12.3s), Rosberg (15.1s), Kubica (15.8s), Barrichello (16.8s) and Hulkenberg (17.5s) in tenth place.

On lap 6 Schumacher reports to his team that he is having problems with his brakes feeling spongy.

Vettel continues to pull away from the rest of the field, setting fastest laps and running 1m26s laps with the rest of the field running 1m27s and above, leading by 9.6 seconds on lap 10.

On lap 14 Button pits, Vitantonio Liuzzi pits and the team replaces his front wing, yellow flags are out with debris on the track.

The Safety Car comes out - Vettel (pitting at the last second, bouncing over the kerbs at the pit entrance), Alonso, Massa, Hamilton, Petrov, Rosberg, Kubica, Hulkenberg, De la Rosa, Adrian Sutil, Schumacher, Sebastien Buemi, Lucas di grassi, and Heikki Kovalainen pit.

As Kubica is released he hits Sutil as he arrives in the pit in front of him. Sutil in out, Kubica returns after a long stop. Rosberg sits at the end of the pitlane, his left rear tyre coming off after the stop. He gets out of his car, his day over.

Webber stays out and takes the lead.

The Safety Car comes in on lap 17, Webber, yet to pit, leads Vettel, Alonso, Hamilton, Massa, Barrichello (yet to pit, on the harder tyre), Petrov, Hulkenberg, De la Rosa and Button in tenth.

At lap 20 Webber, yet to make his first stop, leads Vettel by 5.6 seconds, followed by Alonso (8.2s) in third, Hamilton (10.0s), Massa (11.0s), Barrichello (14.5s), Petrov (15.7s), Hulkenberg (16.7s), De la Rosa (17.6) and Button (18.8s) in tenth place.

Jarno Trulli makes his first stop.

On lap 23 Kubica pits to serve a stop-go penalty for the collision with Sutil on the pits.

Championship leader Hamilton pulls off the track from fifth place with a gearbox problem.

Vettel is under investigation for dropping more than 10 car lengths behind his team mate under the safety car period - the team informing him to make as much time as possible to try to stay ahead of Alonso if he is handed a penalty. Webber trying to make a large enough gap to stay ahead of the Ferrari as well when he needs to pit.

On lap 26 Kubica retires in the Renault pit.

On lap 29 Vettel is handed a drive-through penalty.

At lap 30 Webber leads Vettel by 6.3 seconds, followed by Alonso (12.9s), Massa (19.3s), Barrichello (33.2s), Petrov (34.9s), Hulkenberg (36.7s), De la Rosa (38.0s), Button (39.6s) and Kobayashi (40.9s) in tenth place.

On lap 31 Vettel pits to serve his drive-through penalty from second place, gesturing his hands with displeasure, coming out behind Alonso in third, just ahead of Massa. Vettel comes out 3.7 seconds behind Alonso, while Webber continues to put in fastest laps in anticipation of his pitstop.

Webber sets more fast laps, stretching his lead to 20.6 seconds ahead of second placed Alonso by lap 38, which should be enough to keep the lead on the pitstop.

At lap 40 Webber leads Alonso by 21.7 seconds, followed by Vettel (22.8s), Massa (30.3s), Barrichello (51.8s), Petrov (55.8s), Hulkenberg (57.2s), De la Rosa (58.7s), Button (61.6s) and Kobayashi (62.5s) in tenth place.

Vettel closes to under a second of Alonso.

On lap 43 Webber makes his pitstop from the lead - a clean stop switching for the harder tyre, the Australian retains the lead ahead of Alonso and Vettel.

At lap 45 Webber sets fastest lap again, and leads Alonso by 8.2 seconds, followed closely by Vettel (8.8s), Massa (16.0s), Barrichello (46.8s), the last driver yet to pit, Petrov (48.5s), Hulkenberg (50.3s), De la Rosa (52.1s), Button (54.4s) and Kobayashi (56.0s) in tenth place.

Vettel continues to follow half a second behind Alonso, but unable so far to make a challenge to pass.

On lap 53 Vettel goes wide. but continues to chase Alonso.

On lap 55 Barrichello makes his one stop of the day from fifth place, switching to soft tyres, and rejoining out of the points in 11th.

At lap 56, with the order unchanged, Webber leads Alonso by 20.2 seconds, followed by Vettel (20.9s), Massa (26.5s), Petrov (69.6s), Hulkenberg (71.9s), De la Rosa (73.4s), Button (75.6s), Kobayashi (77.3s) and Schumacher (80.2s) in tenth place.

On lap 60 Barrichello closes on Schumacher in tenth place, the Brazilian on fresh soft tyres.

On lap 64 Barrichello makes a run on the main straight - Schumacher pushes Barrichello to the pit wall and nearly crashes out his former team mate - but Barrichello takes the position - very nearly a big accident.

At lap 65 Webber continues to lead Alonso by 23.8 seconds, followed by Vettel (24.4s), Massa (28.6s), Petrov (74.1s), Hulkenberg (78.6s), De la Rosa (82.0s), Button (1 lap), Kobayashi (1 lap) and Barrichello (1 lap) in tenth place.

The stewards will look at Schumacher for the incident with Barrichello after the race.

Mark Webber cruises to the chequered flag to take his fourth win of the season - Vettel still upset with his penalty after the flag. For the first time, all the cars from the three new teams this season have finished the race.