Austrian GP 2022

JULY 9, 2022

Sprint Race Report - Verstappen wins sprint race

Max Verstappen, Austrian GP 2022
© Red Bull

By Mark Karp

Max Verstappen won the Saturday Sprint Race in Austria, to take pole for tomorrow’s Austrian GP. Charles Leclerc finished in second in the Ferrari, 1.675 seconds behind, with his team mate Carlos Sainz third, 5.644 seconds behind the winner.

George Russell (13.429s) in the Mercedes GP was fourth, followed by Sergio Perez (18.302s) in the second Red Bull in fifth, Esteban Ocon (31.032s) in the Alpine-Renault in sixth, Kevin Magnussen (34.539s) in the Haas-Ferrari was seventh, Lewis Hamilton (35.446s) in the second Mercedes was eighth, Mick Schumacher (37.163s) in the second Haas was ninth and Valtteri Bottas (37.558s) in the Alfa Romeo-Ferrari was tenth.

Before the start of the 24 lap sprint race, Verstappen and Leclerc sat on the front row, Sainz and Russell on row 2, Ocon and Magnussen on row 3, Schumacher and Alonso on row 4 and Hamilton and Gasly rounding out the top ten. Perez starts 13th, penalised for running over track limits in qualifying. Most drivers on medium tyres.

At the appointed time, Alonso’s car can’t start and he is stranded on the grid, the team pushes him to the pitlane. The field came around to the grid, Zhou stops on the last corner the car stalled. The start is aborted, the field comes around again, Zhou gets going and will start last. The cars form on the grid, the lights went out and the race began with Verstappen getting the lead ahead of Leclerc, Sainz, Russell, Ocon, Magnussen.

Hamilton and Gasly touch, Gasly spins in the first corner. Perez up to eighth, Hamilton drops to 11th.

On lap 3 Verstappen leads Leclerc by two seconds, followed by Sainz, Russell, Ocon, Magnussen, Schumacher, Perez, Bottas, and Hamilton in tenth, passing Albon.

Hamilton passes Bottas for ninth.

On lap 6 Sainz is mounting a challenge on his team mate Leclerc.

The two continue to battle, the Ferrari’s swapping positions back and forth.

On lap 9 Perez passes Schumacher, then the next lap passes Magnussen for sixth place.

On lap 11 Vettel touches Albon and spins into a gravel trap, but manages to back his way out and gets running again.

Perez passes Ocon for fifth.

On lap 12 Verstappen leads Leclerc by 2.6 seconds, followed by Sainz, Russell, Perez, Ocon, Magnussen, Schumacher, Hamilton and Bottas in tenth.

On lap 13 Hamilton is challenging Schumacher.

Lap after lap Hamilton continues to follow the two Haas’.

On lap 22 Hamilton passes Schumacher for eighth place.

On lap 23 Vettel pits with damage.

At the finish Verstappen is first over Leclerc and Sainz.