Luca Marmorini

After completing a doctorate in mechanical engineering Marmorini joined Ferrari in 1990 and worked in its Formula 1 calculation department for two years before switching across to do calculation work in the F1 engine department until 1995 when he became the project leader for a Ferrari V12 engine study when the team was working on three parallel projects: a V12, a V10 and a V8. The V12 development was later abandoned and Marmorini switched to the V10 programme and worked closely with Paolo Martinelli on the engines which powered the Ferraris in 1997, 1998 and 1999.

In the middle of 1999 Marmorini was hired by Toyota and started work on a V12 design for the Japanese car company. The change of rules banning V12s meant that Toyota then started work on a V10 in January 2000 and by the autumn an engine was running on the dynos in Cologne. He remained project leader of engines at Toyota until the end of 2002 when he was promoted to be general manager of the engine department, replacing Norbert Kreyer who was moved across to head the race and test engineering. He has since become technical director (engines) in Cologne.