Luca di Montezemolo

The Marquis Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, a member of the Agnelli clan - which controls Fiat - gained a masters degree in international commercial law at La Sapienza University in Rome and then went to Columbia University, New York. He was a member of the Lancia rally team, but decided against a full-time competition career to concentrate on his studies.In 1969 Fiat and Ferrari joined forces and in June 1973 Montezemolo was drafted into Ferrari by Fiat. He quickly became Enzo Ferrari's right-hand man and took over the running of the Ferrari F1 team in 1974. Montezemolo guided the team to F1 World titles with Niki Lauda in 1975 and 1977.In 1975 he became head of all Fiat competition activities and in 1977- with Lauda on his way to another World title - he was promoted in the Fiat empire, becoming the youngest senior manager in the history of the company.A close ally of Fiat boss Gianni Agnelli, Montezemolo worked in various areas of the Fiat empire, running the publishing company Itedi SpA, which included the La Stampa daily newspaper.In 1984 he was appointed managing-director of the drinks company Cinzano International SpA and Azzura, the first Italian yacht to take part in the America's Cup, while also presiding over Turin's Juventus football team.In 1985-90 he was general manager of the organizing committee for the 1990 World Cup Italia 90. He went on to work with RCS Video, before being appointed chairman and managing director of Ferrari SpA in November 1991. His brief was to rebuild the car company and its ailing F1 team.In 1993 he also became vice-chairman of Bologna Football Club.In 1997 Fiat put the Maserati car company under the control of Ferrari with instructions to rebuild the once great marque.After a long struggle Montezemolo achieved his ambition of winning the Formula 1 World Championship with Michael Schumacher in 2000.