John Iley

A graduate of Imperial College, London, who worked on wind tunnel testing and data analysis of a sports prototype in his days at college, Iley was hired by the racing design company Brun Technics, a British design office which had designed for the Eurobrun F1 team and worked on the design of the Brun-Judd C91 sports car during 1990. Early in 1991 he was hired to be the aerodynamicist on the Allard J2X sports car but then in 1995 he joined Jordan Grand Prix as an aerodynamicist. In 1998 he became chief aerodynamicist and worked on the most successful F1 chassis before following Mike Gascoyne to Renault F1 in 2002. His Renault aerodynamic work was so successful that in 2004 he was hired to be chief aerodynamicist at Ferrari.