Ian Pocock

Having studied mechanical engineering Pocock went to The Cranfield Institute of Technology in Bedfordshire to study for his doctorate, developing a potential active suspension system for Jaguar Cars. While at Cranfield he worked as a consultant engineer with Benetton and after completing his PhD in 1990 he was recruited by Reynard to work as a development engineer on the planned Formula 1 project. That flopped in 1991 and Pocock then went to Ligier before being recruited in 1992 by John Barnard's Ferrari Design & Development operation where he stayed until 1995 when he was moved to Maranello as the head of chassis test and development. In 1999 he left Ferrari and joined Harvey Postlethwaite's Honda Racing Developments as head of vehicle science but the project was cancelled after Postlethwaite's death and Pocock moved instead to Pi Research where he was appointed Engineering Director in August 2001.

In 2003 he became director of engineering at Jaguar Racing but departed early in 2005 after the team was taken over by Red Bull.