Guy Audoux

After being trained as a mechanical engineer, Audoux began working in motor racing in 1976, when he was involved with the WM sportscar team. This was formed by Peugeot executives Gerard Welter (the head of styling) and Michel Meunier. This used Peugeot engines but was not an official project and because of lack of funding ran only at Le Mans. As a result of this he was hired to work at Peugeot in 1979, doing production engine development work. He remained with the WM program at Le Mans each year until 1982 when Peugeot instigated a new competition department.That year Audoux left Peugeot and went to work on F1 engine development at Renault Sport. The following season he was the Renault engineer in charge of engines being supplied to Ligier. In 1985, however, Audoux was offered a job at Peugeot Talbot Sport running the test beds. While doing this he was involved in engineering cars in the World Rally Championship (1985-1986) and on rally-raids (1987-1990). In 1991-92 he was race engineering with Peugeot in the World Sportscar Championship and at the Le Mans 24 Hours.He was appointed Engine Operations Manager of Peugeot Sport in 1994, when the team entered F1 with McLaren. In 1996 he moved to the Peugeot Sport research and development department but returned to the tracks full-time in 1999 as field manager for the Peugeot F1 operation. When the company was sold to Asiatech Audoux stayed on until the operation closed at the end of 2002.