Cal Lint

After graduating in business management, psychology and sociology at Eastern Nazarene College, Boston, Lint joined Goodyear in 1965. A year later he was called away by the US Air Force and spent four years in the military, becoming an instructor in survival techniques, training American pilots for the Vietnam War.Lint returned to Goodyear in 1970 and for the next 10 years worked within the Goodyear empire on a variety of assignments involving tire production, planning, distribution, airplane tires, data processing and as an original equipment service representative.In 1980 he transferred to Goodyear's Racing Division and although initially involved in just sales and distribution networks, in 1984 he became Goodyear's assistant field manager for Indycar racing. Having learned the ropes of racing he took over as field manager in Indycar racing in July 1991. The retirement of his colleague Lee Gaug at the end of 1992 opened the door for Lint to become manager of Goodyear's international racing department - and an involvement in the Formula 1 World Championship.In August 1997 he was appointed head of a new division of the Goodyear competition empire, taking charge of all non-F1 racing tire sales around the world.