Ben Agathangelou

A race fan from his teens, Agathangelou studied aeronautics and astronautics at the University of Southampton from where he joined McLaren in the summer of 1994 and worked as an aerodynamicist. After three years however he decided to take a risk and joined Harvey Posthlethwaite's small team at Tyrrell, as senior aerodynamicist. After just a year in that role Agathangelou left Tyrrell and took on the role of chief aerodynamicist with Honda Racing Development and designed a car from start to finish. Although the team did not eventually enter F1, it did do an impressive job in testing and in 1999 Agathangelou was hired to be chief aerodynamicist at Benetton. He stayed until the arrival of Mike Gascoyne in 2001 and then moved on to join Jaguar Racing, inheriting the troublesome R3. The Jaguar R4 for 2003 season was a completely new car and it was quick but the team did not have sufficient money to develop the car as much as it might have done. Agathangelou remains with the team which has now become Red Bull Racing.