FEBRUARY 21, 2018

Red Bull admits Ricciardo crashed new car

Red Bull has admitted Daniel Ricciardo got his and the team's 2018 season off to a carbon-crunching start.

As the team revealed images of the temporary-liveried RB14 on the internet this week, Ricciardo was at Silverstone to shake down the new single seater.

"It's hard to tell from a couple of laps but the initial feeling in the car is good," said the Australian.

"I can already feel that the rear feels pretty settled, even in these poor conditions. Those are encouraging early signs."

However, the team neglected to mention in its official statement that Ricciardo actually crashed. Some reports said it was a light touch with the barrier causing some damage.

"No issues for Barcelona," a Red Bull spokesman told The Sun newspaper. "We'll be fine."