OCTOBER 14, 2016

Hulkenberg signs EUR 18m, 3-year Renault contract?

Strong rumours are now becoming hard facts, as Nico Hulkenberg looks set to leave Force India and lead the works Renault team from 2017.

The major German newspaper Bild is now joining specialist outlets in reporting that the 29-year-old has signed a three-year contract.

Reportedly, Hulkenberg could earn EUR 18 million over the course of the agreement, which is actually a two year deal including an option for 2019.

With Williams' Valtteri Bottas now also linked with Renault for 2017, it is very bad news for Renault's existing lineup of Kevin Magnussen and Jolyon Palmer.

Magnussen told the Danish business newspaper Dagbladet Borsen that playing the political game in F1 is not his strength.

"I'm really bad at the political game," said the 24-year-old, who also lost his McLaren seat after one season after making his grand prix debut in 2014.

"I'm a racing driver, not a politician, so I don't try to go out and get voters on my side. I'm here to race and drive fast, which is what I enjoy and what I feel I'm good at."

Magnussen, whose father Jan also had a short-lived career in F1 in the 90s, also admitted that he struggles with the nomadic lifestyle.

"Every time I leave my family I think 'Is it worth it?' It's hard to be away so much.

"But when you are not winning, and things are not going as you would like, as is the case right now, you have those thoughts more often. But if one day I stand at the top of the podium, I will know it was all worth it," he said.