OCTOBER 8, 2016

Marko denies Allison heading to Red Bull

Red Bull has denied rumours it is making a move to sign James Allison.

Allison, whose wife died suddenly earlier this year, left Ferrari and Italy and is being linked with a move to a UK-based team like Renault, McLaren or Red Bull.

The Red Bull link is interesting, given that the energy drink stable might be looking for a top technical brain to replace the now part-time Adrian Newey.

But Red Bull's Dr Helmut Marko said: "This is utter nonsense.

"We do not talk to him. We think he will probably go back to Enstone with Renault," he told Germany's Auto Bild.

It was also rumoured at Suzuka that Toro Rosso's James Key may be heading to Williams, where Pat Symonds is tipped to retire at the age of 65 by 2018.

Marko does not rule that out, but Symonds is denying the reports.

"I read that," he confirmed at Suzuka. "I was quite surprised actually.

"It reminded me of Mark Twain, who said 'rumours of my demise are greatly exaggerated'. I think I take the same view on my retirement," said Symonds.