MARCH 19, 2016

F1 not as good as before says Kubica

Robert Kubica says he would return to F1 even if the sport is no longer as spectacular.

The Pole's promising F1 career fell apart ahead of the 2011 season, when his forearm was almost completely severed in a rallying crash.

Now 31, he rebuilt his career to the heights of world rallying, and is now making his return to circuit racing in the GT category.

"I would love to return to formula one," Kubica told Italy's Radio Sportiva.

"For a driver it represents the highest category possible, even if it is no longer as high as when I raced in terms of performance and speed and the sensations it gives to the driver.

"Today, it is a category of waiting: you (the drivers) are careful not to push too hard, you're thinking about other aspects beyond just wanting to attack at the limit of the car.

"Everything about formula one lately puts that into the background," he added.