MARCH 2, 2016

Alonso future depends on F1's 2017 revolution

Fernando Alonso says his future rests on the reforms that are slated to revolutionise formula one next year.

2017 will be the third and last in the Spaniard's current McLaren-Honda contract, amid speculation more midfield straggling in cars that no longer excite him could spell the end of his 16-year F1 adventure.

"The cars are less spectacular than some years ago," the former two-time world champion told Spanish radio Cadena Cope.

"The laptimes are much slower, the cars weigh 120 kilos more than 7 or 8 years ago, the sound has changed, the Pirelli tyres have changed the races.

"There are a number of factors that have made the racing less dramatic, and I think no one likes it," Alonso insisted.

Told that he will be 36 when his potential F1 retirement comes along in 2017, Alonso smiled: "I think you could race these cars until you are 50.

"They are very undemanding. With the old cars you could not sleep some nights at first due to physical fatigue. We were doing 1.16s and now it's 1.26s, so it's very undemanding.

"About how long I will be in F1 I will know next year, because the cars are changing radically. They want to make the cars faster and that may be the turning point.

"If the cars are fun and F1 returns to being F1, it is attractive for any driver," Alonso added.