FEBRUARY 4, 2016

Renault chance even better than McLaren says Magnussen

Kevin Magnussen's father thinks the new Renault adventure has even more potential than if the 23-year-old had been retained by McLaren.

Jan Magnussen, himself a former F1 driver, was not in Paris on Wednesday as son Kevin walked onto the stage in his new black overalls.

"It was great to see him go out on stage," 42-year-old Jan, who instead watched from his home in Denmark, told the local broadcaster TV2.

"I had not seen him in the suit yet so it was awesome," he enthused.

"I knew for a few days what was going to happen, but it was still a lovely feeling to see him walking out with the others."

Jan said it was a tough time for his son since losing the McLaren race seat at the end of 2014. Magnussen spent last year as the team's reserve but was then ousted altogether for 2016.

"They have been working on this (return) ever since it started to go wrong with McLaren," he revealed.

"So I'm just super happy and I think that this chance could be even better than his first (at McLaren)," said Magnussen snr.

"The situation at Renault means he can build something up with the team starting as underdogs, and I think that will be very good for him," he added.

"I think Kevin is in a great situation with Renault now, where hopefully they can become world champions together in a few years."