FEBRUARY 1, 2016

Kvyat hopes for small progress in 2016

Daniil Kvyat is hoping Red Bull can improve in 2016.

Although now taking a back seat at the former quadruple world champion team, designer Adrian Newey last week warned that Red Bull could be set for another painful year in 2016.

That is because, even after the bitter falling out with Renault, Red Bull will continue to be powered by French-made engines this year.

"Our hope for 2016 is to just maintain that gap (of 2015) but with Ferrari and Mercedes expected to step up, towards the end of the year we might be further behind than we were last year," Newey told The Hindu newspaper.

But Russian team driver Kvyat does not agree.

"We aim to make steps forward and so as long as we see progress we'll be happy, but we will always aim high," he said.

"We'll never be really happy until we're back on the top step of the podium but for now, let's start with small signs of progress. That would satisfy me for now," Kvyat added.