JUNE 4, 2015

Slump due to technical reasons says Maldonado

Pastor Maldonado says "technical" reasons explain his current slump.

Earlier, as the Venezuelan struggles to finish races in 2015 and throw off his growing reputation as a 'crasher', Lotus chief Matthew Carter warned that Maldonado's millions in PDVSA backing do not make him "untouchable".

The 30-year-old is among just four drivers who are yet to score a single point this season.

"In terms of results it has not been an exceptional period," Maldonado admitted in the latest edition of Italy's Autosprint magazine.

"But I went through a very difficult technical crisis at Williams, and it has been equally difficult at Lotus.

"And that has not allowed me to express my potential and has affected the results," he insisted.

"I have had technical problems that have stopped me so many times in practice, qualifying and the races.

"We saw what happened in Monaco, and I also had problems there last year. These are details that the viewers forget quickly, but they have a great impact on a driver's season," said Maldonado.

Undoubtedly, the man who willingly wears the number 13 in grands prix has been unlucky in 2015, but he also made the call to leave Williams late in 2013 just as the Grove team was poised to surge up the grid.

"The reason we made the decision to go to Lotus was based not only on the results of 2013," he argues, "but a much longer period of 4-5 seasons.

"And what we saw was a team that is always able to make a competitive car," said Maldonado, referring to Enstone based Lotus, who nonetheless slumped in 2014.

"It is not a team with the potential to win all the races, but it is able to do the maximum possible with the resources it has.

"Last year we saw Williams become the second team in the championship, but in life you also have to try new experiences and so I have not regretted my choices.

"Of course I would always like to be fighting for the podium," he acknowledged, "but as a driver I have developed so much in this period with Lotus."