JULY 24, 2012

FIA mapping clarification will mean Red Bull changes

Motor racing's governing body, the FIA, is expected to issue a further directive on engine mapping before the forthcoming Hungarian GP this weekend. It is understood that Red Bull Racing will not be able to run the same map that FIA technical delegate Jo Bauer considered to be outside the regulations in Germany.

It was perhaps no surprise that the Hockenheim stewards did not uphold Bauer's opinion, as much as anything because the matter is complex ans they were in no real position to make a ruling on the matter in the few hours between Bauer's report and the start of the German GP.

Rival teams were keen that the matter went straight onto the agenda of yesterday's Technical Working Group meeting.

McLaren's Martin Whitmarsh said: "If you are allowed to do that, everyone will be spending a lot of money to run that kind of map and as quickly as you can. Clearly, the FIA is frustrated by it, so better to stop doing it."

His opposite number at Ferrari, Stefano Domenicali, added: "We are relying on the regulator, the FIA, to make sure that it is a fair fight."

As a result of the TWG meeting it is believed that the FIA will specify the amount of torque variation permitted across the rev range in a document due to be issued before the start of practiceon Friday in Budapest.