AUGUST 1, 2010

Schumacher gets 10-place grid penalty at Spa

Michael Schumacher has been given a 10 place grid penalty on the grid at the next race in Spa for illegitimately impeding Rubens Barrichello as they fought over the last point in the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Schumacher was roundly condemned for his heavy-handed approach to his former team mate who, on supersoft tyres after a lengthy stint on the primes at the start, was much quicker.

Schumacher allegedly claimed to the race stewards, who included former GP driver Derek Warwick,that he had moved that way because he wanted to force Barrichello to try to overtake on the left and go the long way around at Turn 1.

Barrichello though, believed that Schumacher had been watching in his mirrors and knew precisely what he was doing.

"I do like a wheel-to-wheel battle but this was not a fair fight," Barrichello said. "It was a go-kart manoeuvre from him. If he wants to get to heaven before I do, then please do, because I don't want to be the first. I decided not to back off the throttle and it was one of the most enjoyable overtakes of my career and it must have been one of his worst."

At the time of the incident, Barrichello said over the radio to the Williams team: "Black flag, black flag! He should be black-flagged. That was horrible!"

For six years Barrichello had to play second fiddle to Schumacher at Ferrari before leaving to join Honda. After some post-race moments to reflect, the 38-year-old Brazilian said of his 41-year-old rival: "After a three year break and then a comeback, to do something like that...we just don't need it."