MAY 16, 2010

F1 tyres: Pirelli or Michelin?

With F1 teams anxious to start design work on their 2011 challengers a decision on a new tyre supplier is imminent and it seems that Pirelli or Michelin have emerged as favourites to take over from Bridgestone, whose sole supplier deal runs out at the end of this season.

Ross Brawn, who heads up the technical side of the Formula One Teams Association (FOTA) said in Monaco: "Discussions are going on this weekend. We had a very good proposal from Pirelli, which I think needs looking at seriously. We're in a better position than we were a few months ago because F1 has got some serious proposals and a few months ago we had nothing.

"We're greatly encouraged by the interest and I think both the tyre companies and the car designers want to get on and start doing things now or else it's going to compromise us and get expensive. Worst of all, someone might get lucky and design their car around a tyre and get it right while other people don't, through no fault of their own, just lack of time. The teams have got together again to discuss the situation this weekend and hopefully there will be a decision soon."

As far as a time frame is concerned, it is expected that a deal will be inked before the teams get to Istanbul for the Turkish Grand Prix at the end of this month.