MAY 14, 2010

Pat Fry Leaves McLaren

McLaren's chief engineer Pat Fry is to leave the team after 18 years.

McLaren operates a matrix management system based around two separate teams, one developing the current car while the other works on the following season's machine. In recent seasons they have been headed up by Fry and Tim Goss. Fry it was whose team produced the MP4-24, while Goss's group did the current MP4-25.

Team principal Martin Whitmarsh said: "Pat has made a great contribution to the team over a number of years. I think it is probably good for him and the right decision to take a bit of a break."

Whitmarsh denied that Fry's departure would significantly weaken his team. "We've got strong depth of talent at McLaren," he said. "We're all replaceable and it's a great opportunity for someone young and hungry."