JANUARY 8, 2010

USF1 to debut car in America

USF1 is reporting that the team will debut their new 2010 chassis on home soil at Barber Motorsport Park in Alabama.

None of the four new teams (Lotus, Campos, USF1 and Virgin) are expected to make the first test in Valencia at the beginning of February. Because USF1 is the only team not based in Europe, the FIA has given them a dispensation to test the car in America.

Sporting Director Peter Windsor said, "Because we are a new team and start everything from zero the first time we will run the car will be in the United States at the Barber Motorsport Park in Alabama, the circuit that was nominated by the FIA for us. We™ve got the dispensation from the FIA, which is fantastic, because we are not based in Europe. We are the only team that does have a test circuit outside Europe, so it is totally logical for us that we run the car the first time in the US at the beginning of February. We are allowed three sessions in the US. Then we will ship it to Spain to do some testing there before we fly out to Bahrain."