JANUARY 5, 2010

Flavio Briatore wins court case against FIA

Former Renault Team Principal Flavio Briatore has won his court case against the FIA in the Tribunal de Grande Instance in Paris. In the case, Briatore claimed that the life ban from Formula 1 given to him by the FIA was excessive and unfair.

Following the courts decision Flavio Briatore said, "I would like to express my great joy with the decision handed down by the Paris Tribunal de Grande Instance."

Asked about his chances of a quick return to F1, the Italian added, "Let me take a little time to enjoy this moment of happiness after this difficult period. As concerns my possible return to F1, there is plenty of time to talk about this. I would like first of all to thank the people who remained faithful to me during these difficult moments and who showed me their trust and friendship."

The FIA also reacted to the court's decision in a statement: "The FIA notes the Decision of the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Paris in relation to Mr. Briatore and Mr. Symonds.

"The Court has rejected the claims for damages made by Mr. Briatore and Mr. Symonds and their claim for an annulment of the FIA's decision.  In particular, the Court did not examine the facts and has not reversed the FIA's finding that both Briatore and Symonds conspired to cause an intentional crash at the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix."

"The Court™s decision is not enforceable until the FIA's appeal options have been exhausted.  Until then, the World Motor Sport Council™s decision continues to apply.:

"In addition, the FIA intends to consider appropriate actions to ensure that no persons who would engage, or who have engaged, in such dangerous activities or acts of intentional cheating will be allowed to participate in Formula One in the future."