NOVEMBER 18, 2009

Spa-Francorchamps back in business

Philippe Henry, the Walloon regional Minister of the Environment, Planning and

Mobility, has signed a new decree granting the Spa-Francorchamps a new circuit licence. This means that the track can be included in the definitive Formula 1 calendar which will be published in around two weeks from now. The decision comes as a result of criticism of a previous decision to take away the track's licence because of noise pollution. Spa will still have to deal with tighter restrictions but the Grand Prix will not be included in the new restrictions as the local politicians accept that it is an important economic event Wallonia. The new decree means that there must be at least two weekends in the summer months when there will be no racing at all at the circuit. A committee has been set up to make sure that there is adequate communication between the regional government and the local community. In addition an independent company has been charged with monitoring the noise produced by the circuit and its findings will determine whether or not the circuit will be granted a permit beyond March 2011.