SEPTEMBER 29, 2009

The end of KERS for now

The Formula 1 teams met on Sunday in Singapore and it seems that they have finally agreed that they will not be using KERS in 2010, although they want to leave open the possibility that there will be energy-recovery systems in F1 in the future, as these are useful for the automobile manufacturers, both in terms of technology and publicity. The Formula One Teams' Association was opposed to KERS in 2010 but Williams F1 was holding out as it wishes to develop the exciting flywheel version of the technology. The fact that Williams has agreed to a ban on KERS suggests that the team is not yet ready with its own system, although it has also had a parallel electrical system under development. KERS has proved to be an advantage for McLaren, Ferrari and Renault this year but other teams have struggled to make their cars competitive.