AUGUST 13, 2009

Vatanen announces

Ari Vatanen has announced the three members of his cabinet who support him in his candidacy for the presidential elections of the FIA, the F©d©ration Internationale de l™Automobile, due to take place on October 23. Should the representatives of the FIA™s member clubs chose to elect the former World Rally Champion as the new President, the Finn will be backed by Fernando Falco y Fernandez de Cordova from Spain as President of Senate, Bernard Tay from Singapore as Deputy President for Mobility and Hermann Tomczyk from Germany as Deputy President for Motorsport. œThese cabinet members all have a long and proven track record in the FIA and in their respective countries. Together with them, we can bring about the necessary changes to make the FIA more transparent, more efficient and more effective and to increase the benefit for its members, says Ari Vatanen. œNow, it is time for change and together we can achieve this!

Fernando Falco y Fernandez de Cordova, marqu©s de Cubas contributed to the creation of services and safety measures for motorists with the implementation of technical assistance and travel assistance services in Spain, Europe and throughout the world. In this capacity, he represented Spain in the FIA as well as in the AIT (International Tourism Alliance). Mr. Falco y Fernandez de Cordova is a Member of the Spanish Higher Council for traffic and road safety (Ministry of the Interior) and is part of the Group for Urban Mobility (Madrid). Until 2002, he was Vice Chairman of the World Council for Tourism and Motoring of the FIA. In June 1998, he was appointed Chairman of the AIT based in Geneva, a position he held until 2001.

Bernhard Tay was elected President of FIA Region II (Asia and the Pacific) in April 2009. He has been a life member of the Automobile Association of Singapore (AAS) since 1983 and has served in the AAS General Committee for more than 20 years. First co-opted as a volunteer member in 1988, and thereafter an elected member since the year 2000. Serving on the AAS General Committee has given him the opportunity to actively address motoring and motoring-related issues. In 2004, he became the Vice-President of the organisation and he became President in 2006. Continuing the club™s position as the voice of motorists and an advocate of road safety, Bernard has been playing a significant role in championing road safety programmes and activities through the club™s various channels. This includes engaging in dialogues with relevant authorities and agencies on road safety issues.

Hermann Tomczyk was elected ADAC Sport President and Vice President of the German Motor Sport Federation (DMSB) in 1997. The same year he became a member of the FIA World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) and in 2005 he was elected FIA Vice President in charge of road racing. Between 2006 and 2008, Hermann Tomczyk was DMSB President. In 2009, he was appointed honorary DMSB President. In May 2009, he was confirmed as ADAC Vice President Sport for another four-year term. Since 1998, he has been a member of the FIA Formula 1 Commission. In the past, Tomczyk was actively competing in motorsport himself too, having taken part in the 1972 Olympic Rally, various national rallies and the European Touring Car Championship.