JULY 27, 2009

Massa is on his way to recovery

The medical staff at the AEK Hospital in Budapest held a press conference today to give the latest details of the condition of Ferrari driver Felipe Massa. He has now been woken from his induced coma and the artificial respiration, which was being used to help reduce swelling in the brain, has ended. The doctors say that they have removed a drain tube from his injury, which is a good sign as this means that there is no serious bleeding from the contusions. The hospital has performed another CT scan and this showed that the situation was improved. Massa is responded to questions in an "adequate" fashion and can move his limbs without difficulty. No further operations are needed immediately. The doctors said that it was too early to say whether Massa could have problems with his vision.

Head injuries are notoriously hard to predict whether or not there will be any permanent side-effects or damage.

The news however is fundamentally good.