MAY 8, 2009

Brawn the Terminator

Brawn GP has agreed a promotional deal with Sony Pictures to promote the soon-to-open movie Terminator Salvation. There will be imagery from the film on the team's cars. The film will be released in the US on May 21 and globally from May 27. There will be a red-carpet European premiere for the film on May 28 in Paris, France

"Formula 1 is one of the most popular sports in the world and there are no bigger stars right now than the Brawn GP team," said Sal Ladestro, the executive vice president of Sony Pictures Releasing International. "With all eyes on Spain this weekend, we can think of no better partner to build anticipation for the international launch of Terminator Salvation than Brawn GP and the global sport of F1."

Helping to promote new movies is something that has been done in F1 for some years, usually at Monaco. Jaguar and then Red Bull Racing helped to publicise Ocean's 12 and Star Wars III, while Toyota last year ran a promotion for the Warner Brothers's movie The Dark Knight at the British GP.

It is rumoured that the movie Transformers (Revenge of the Fallen) will be highlighted at the forthcoming Monaco Grand Prix. The movie is a co-production between DreamWorks Pictures and Paramount Pictures.