APRIL 7, 2009

Liuzzi using A1 to prepare for F1?

Force India reserve driver Tonio Liuzzi has decided that if he wants to get back into Formula 1 he needs to be racing, and with testing seriously restricted this year, the role of reserve driver is basically honorific, unless a team needs a replacement. Liuzzi has thus decided to race for Piercarlo Ghinzani's A1 Team Italy - and Force India has agreed to let him do it.

Liuzzi has been largely wasted in F1 thanks mainly to internal politics at Red Bull.

A1 Team Italy has thus far failed to win a race in the series: Enrico Toccacelo has raced 40 times for the team, with Edoardo Piscopo having done 22 events without success. Liuzzi will be hoping that success in A1GP will convince Force India to give him a chance as the team is rumoured to be running out of patience with 36-year-old Giancarlo Fisichella.

Liuzzi who understood to already have a race contract for 2010 and thus there is much logic in getting him into the team as soon as possible if Fisichella is not performing.