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MARCH 4, 2009

USF1 becomes USGPE

The USF1 team has got off to a troublesome start with Formula One Management objecting to the use of "F1", which it claims to own. The Formula One group likes to put TM signs on all mentions but this means little more than the fact that the trademark has been applied for, and even have been refused.

The group continues to try to win control of the trademaark despite several rulings stating this is impossible. The group has registered the flying F1 logo and the FIA did get a registered trademark which was for "FIA Formula One World Championship". This is why Formula One is used in official communications rather than Formula 1. Unfortunately, the situation is further confused as is not owned by Formula One Management but rather by a US company that manufactures windscreen tinting films. Oddly enough Formula ONE is a registered trademark.

Whatever the case USF1 has been asked to change its name and as Tony George is believed to own the rights the term USGP, it has been re-registered as US GP Engineering.